The 5 Golden Rules Of Sugar Babies

golden rules for sugar babies

Lots of people wonder what exactly makes someone a great sugar baby. The truth of the matter is, you can’t weave yourself into a cocoon and magically metamorphose into Helen of Troy. You can work towards self-improvement, but it is nearly impossible to be universally perfect, and that’s okay. For one thing, every man is different. All sugar daddies have their own tastes and preferences. However, there are some traits that pretty much all legit sugar daddies look for. If you’re aiming to be a good Sugar Baby, you should aim to develop these five traits.

1) Self-Confident

Any tricky situation can be made easier with self-confidence. You need to be self-confident about every aspect of yourself, from your looks to your conversational skills. To a certain extent you can fake confidence, but it’s much better if it is genuine. Try your hardest to truly believe in yourself. One way to improve your self-confidence is to determine what your best qualities are and really work them. If you are prod of your beautiful, full lips, flaunt them! Draw attention to them by wearing vibrant lipstick. Knowing what makes you special is the first step towards loving yourself. One little warning: Confidence is not the same thing as arrogance. Arrogance is really just overcompensation for a lack of true confidence and most sugar daddies can see right through it.

2) Flexible

No, we’re not talking about being double jointed or training yourself to do a split. We’re talking about schedules and the importance of adapting to your sugar daddy’s other commitments. Successful men have important responsibilities to attend to. Your sugar daddy certainly has a career and finances to devote his attention to and perhaps a family as well.

That’s why you need to be able to adapt to changing plans without getting too fussy. It’s normal for plans to get cancelled. You’re likely to have to take a rain check every so often. Know how to be independent and enjoy a night by yourself if he has to cancel. Know how to be spontaneous and up for an adventure, too, because he may want to reschedule plans with very little notice. If he’s a good sugar daddy, he will know when he has hurt your feelings or let you down (without you needing to whine to show it) and he will do his very best to make it up to you.

This deal works both ways. When you have your own commitments, it is important for your sugar daddysugar daddysugar daddy to be respectful and understanding. You wouldn’t want him to pitch a fit if you had to cancel on him to go help your little sister through a tough breakup. The Sugar Baby and the sugar daddy both need to be flexible with one another.

3) Attentive

Know what your sugar daddy needs from you and know how to give it to him. Is he missing out on intimacy in his day-to-day life? Does he want a relationship? Or maybe just a casual buddy with benefits? Is he trying to get in touch with his younger self and relive his youth through you? Does he need compliments to make him feel desirable? Does he need someone to tell his secrets to? Someone to listen to him rant after a bad day? Someone to drive off loneliness? A good Sugar Baby assesses what her sugar daddy needs and does her best to make it happen for him.

It is not your job to cater to his every whim. There is a difference. It’s about needs more than wants.

When you become attentive enough to figure out what your sugar daddy needs and give it to him, you can expect lots of affection and sugar in return.

4) Ambitious

Unless he inherited his fortune, your sugar daddy became the successful man he is through lots of hard work. Chances are he isn’t going to want to share his hard-earned lifestyle with a spoiled girl who expects everything to be given to her in life.

sugar daddies like Sugar Babies with ambition. Show him your determination to succeed in life, whether you’re in school or launching a new business initiative. He just needs to see that you have passions and motivations beyond materialistic things.

If you tell your sugar daddy what your goals are, he might even be able to help you achieve them.

5) Honest

Lies are not cool! Nothing is more annoying than when a potential sugar daddy sounds super promising and then when you meet him you discover that he wasn’t telling the truth. A lot of Sugar Babies do the same thing and it is just as frustrating on the sugar daddy’s end.

Don’t embellish your life story. Don’t try to talk about La traviata if you’ve never been to an opera. Don’t tell him you love books if you haven’t read anything since you were required to read To Kill a Mockingbird in high school. It’s really just not worth the very likely chance that you will be caught in your lie. If you feel like you need to be a certain way and tell lies to attract the sugar daddy you want, he’s probably not the best fit for you. Real rich people can spot people who are faking their idealized posh, sophisticated interest. Be the real you. Be genuine. Stay honest.

The only question it’s fair to answer with a lie: “Did you orgasm, too?”

So what have you learned from these tips? We hope it’s given you a sense of the truth. Good Sugar Babies aren’t flawless Gods. They’re people just trying their best. Any woman can be a good Sugar Baby if she puts her mind to it.