What is a Sugar Daddy and how to please

Let’s start at the beginning. What exactly is a sugar daddy? Well, a sugar daddy is a man who offers both financial and material support to a younger companion known as a sugar baby.

A sugar baby is a woman who prefers to date financially secure men who are able to provide her with the things she needs for a preferred lifestyle. This can range from college tuition to a shiny new car. Some sugar babies just want to know what luxury living is like, while some are looking for successful and distinguished mentors to help them advance in their own careers.

Arranged relationships are normally the most successful because they are more realistic. The sugar daddy is clear about what he has and the sugar baby clearly spells out what she wants and needs to make her life better. If the two sync up, then you have yourself a successful arrangement! This helps ensure that there is a proper amount of trust, communication, and honesty.

Why Have Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Arrangements Become So Popular?

Well, the truth of the matter is that they’ve always been popular! These arranged sugar daddy relationships have been around just as long as romantic relationships have been. In some different cultures, sugar daddies are referred to as benefactors, sponsors, patrons, and several other names. But the definition is always the same. Sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangements have only recently become more popular. The internet has aided in the spreading of the popularity. The online culture makes it much more accessible and highlights the benefits of these arranged relationships.

What Do Sugar Daddies Want from a Sugar Baby?

You have to keep in mind that every sugar daddy is different and they all want different things. They’re all unique and you have to remember that keeping your sugar daddy happy is part of the deal.

Here are the top 10 things that a sugar daddy wants. Remember that each sugar daddy may want different things!

Your Time.

When you’re in college, you have a lot of free time, but what you don’t really have is the luxurious lifestyle you want. Lucky for you a sugar daddy can supply that for you. He will take you to all the best restaurants, buy you the best clothes money can buy, and be ready to pay for anything else you might need.

Are you struggling with student debt? Maybe you want a better apartment or a new car? All you need to do is offer a sugar daddy your spare time and companionship and the sugar daddy can take care of the rest.


Sugar daddies don’t need to be nagged or want a nosy wife in their business. Chances are they already have one at home. All they want is the attention and affection of a beautiful woman who is genuinely interested in them. Being in this type of relationship is different than normal relationships. It’s simple, really. The sugar daddy isn’t getting what he needs at home when it comes to affection. They’re looking for deep conversation, understanding, and warmth. This relationship with a sugar daddy is on a different level. So what does a sugar daddy want? For a beautiful sugar baby to adore them!

Your Availability.

Sugar daddies are busy guys. They don’t have all the time in the world. So when they text or call, they’re expecting you to drop everything and jump on the next flight to go see them. Availability is extremely important in a sugar daddy relationship. They’re wealthy men and they have important commitments to other things. They won’t chase after you or let their time revolve around your schedule. It’s you who needs to make sure you’re available at all times.

Good Manners.

If a sugar daddy was just looking for sex, he would hire a prostitute. But that’s not what they’re looking for. Sugar daddies are looking for well-mannered and cultured women who they can show off anywhere, whether that be important gatherings, clubs, spas, high class restaurants, conferences, or many others. A sugar baby should be able to brighten up any atmosphere and make herself likeable to all the people she’s introduced to.

Classy Attire.

This is another important must on the list. Most of the time your sugar daddy will supply with you a beautiful new wardrobe as expansive as you want. Anything you want, whether that be a pair of Louis Vuittons or Christian Louboutins, is yours. He doesn’t care about the cost, he only cares that you look absolutely impeccable from head to toe at all times. The way you walk, talk, and dress should all be in perfect harmony with each other. He’ll pay whatever he needs to to make sure you look your best. Sugar daddies want to look at their women and see sophistication, elegance, and the ultimate sparkle.

Intimacy: Yes or No?

It’s a sensitive subject, but it needs to be talked about. Most sugar daddies are going to expect there to also be an intimate relationship with their sugar babies. It’s completely normal! You’re a full grown woman and you should understand that this would come into the picture sooner or later.

Don’t be surprised when he invites you into his satin sheets. The sugar daddy relationship should be taken seriously, just as any other normal relationship, except this one is regulated by an invisible contract. It is a relationship with benefits for lack of a better term.


After a few dates with your sugar daddy, you should both know if there is any chemistry between the two of you. In order for things to go smoothly there should be compatibility! After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time together, intimately and for fun. Your sugar daddy should be strongly drawn to you and if he is, your luxury lifestyle will be in the works.

Respect of Boundaries.

A good amount of sugar daddies are married men. They’re looking for a sugar baby who is going to respect that part of his life and try and adjust to his family lifestyle. You shouldn’t expect a married sugar daddy to call you in the middle of the night just to check in with you.

When he calls you and wants to meet up, you should know he’s looking for an escape for a few hours. He just wants to relax and enjoy himself. He doesn’t want a sugar baby who is going to give them a hard time for not seeing them for a few days. This applies to the unmarried sugar daddies! They’re not looking for a wife. Sugar daddy relationship expectations are different and they don’t want a woman who is going to make their life a nightmare. They want someone who is a source of comfort and relief to their busy lives and stressful marriages. Sugar daddies want a lady who can reignite that youthful flame in their hearts!


When a sugar daddy calls, he’s expecting you to go wherever he wants you to go. Don’t go postponing your dates with him or you risk losing all your benefits. He can quickly find a replacement, so don’t take him for granted.

Sugar daddies want to be taken care of and to be present. That’s all he wants from you and you’ll be able to reap the benefits!

How to Please Sugar Daddies by Offering Them What They Want

Now that you’ve read the top 10 things a sugar daddy is looking for, let’s move on to what sugar daddies are expecting of a sugar baby. Romance? Passion? Enthusiasm?

That’s all part of it. But sugar daddies are actually looking for an elegant and sophisticated lady who knows how to swoon them with her charms and delicate mannerisms. She should know exactly what she wants and choose him because she feels they’re compatible in all the right ways. After all, sugar daddy dating is about finding the right one who makes you feel special and adored, who you can also adore back.

Don’t try and clarify any of the financial details too soon in the relationship. A sugar daddy might be taken aback by this. He wants this sugar daddy relationship to be about more than just the money, so being patient is important during this time. Some might avoid the subject while others might be straightforward and tell you what your allowance will be.

Another factor will be intimacy. Your sugar daddy is going to expect at least a few moments of intimacy with you, just as anyone would in a normal relationship! Maybe you two just share a romantic meal at one of the most fabulous restaurants in town and he wants you to come unwind with him in the hotel room afterwards. Maybe you spent the day out shopping with him and he just wants to relax back at his place. In these instances you have to ask yourself if you want these things too.

Lastly, think about what his marital status is. If he’s married, then you have to understand that he’s expecting you to respect his boundaries. He’s not looking for a sugar baby who’s going to nag him. That’s what his wife is for!

In the end, perfect adaptability is key when it comes to a sugar daddy relationship and what a sugar daddy expects. You’ll have to learn this if you want to make it in the sugar daddy dating world.