The Most Common Types of Sugar Daddies

types of sugar daddy Sugar Daddy dating websites are become more and more popular. They’re the easiest and most convenient way to find that special someone. Maybe you haven’t joined a Sugar Daddy site yet, but now is the time to start! Reading the follow tips on how to create the perfect profile. Not only will it save you a lot of time and effort, but it will help you get more emails and responses from eligible Sugar Daddies!

Now that you know a little bit more about the different types of Sugar Babies, it’s time to move on to the Sugar Daddies! Knowing the differences between the types will help you find exactly what you want and find it quickly!

For example, you’ll be able to better match up what kind of Sugar Baby you are to what Sugar Daddy would be the best fit. If you’re a “Marry Me” Sugar Baby, you’ll want to focus on the Sugar Daddies that are more serious, like “The Boyfriend”.

Not all of these different types will fit your needs, and that’s okay! Everyone’s experiences will be unique with each type of Sugar Daddy. Now let’s move on to the list!

The John

The particular type is quite common and you’ll run into one at some point or another. This type of guy will be using Sugar Daddy dating sites like they are an escort service. Obviously these people don’t fully understand the lifestyle and don’t have the best intentions. He’s after one thing and one thing only. He’ll make you low offers in exchange for your companionship and will start to get sexual way too fast. If you come across this type of Sugar Daddy, don’t bother communicating any further with him.

The White Knight

The John and the White Night couldn’t be more opposite. This particular Sugar Daddy is quite a bit older most of the time and has a plethora of money. He’s the type that wouldn’t normally have a wife, children, or others he is close to and is looking for someone special to spoil. Unlike The John, he’s not looking for sex. He just wants the company of a young, sweet Sugar Baby.

The Boyfriend

This guy can’t seem to make up his mind. He is out there looking for a serious relationship, but not quite a Sugar relationship. He’s honestly a good guy at heart and is trying to do the right thing by you, but isn’t really looking for a Sugar Baby. There’s nothing wrong with this, though. If you’re looking for a more traditional relationship, maybe you’ll find he’s the perfect guy for you. Just try and remember that there are quite a few differences between Sugar dating and tradition dating. Just think long and hard about what you want!

The Elitist

This Sugar Daddy is a well-known gentleman. He always has a very high-profile career and is very active and liked in the social scene. He’s wealthy and popular, what more could you want? Because of these factors, he feels as though he’s entitled and untouchable. This is the downside. He doesn’t really need your opinion and prefers that the conversation always be about him. Sure, he’s rich and is generous with the gifts and allowance, but he’s lacking in the romance and sensitivity area. If you’re going to get involved with this type of Sugar Daddy, he is normally best for submissive Sugar Babies.

The All-Business Sugar Daddy

This particular gentleman isn’t looking for anything too serious. He’s a working professional who doesn’t have time for a relationship and is really just looking for a fun time. He does value companionship, but only when it’s on his schedule. He would prefer a Sugar Baby who’s at his beck and call and comes when he needs her there, but isn’t overly needy and clingy. As a Sugar Baby, she should understand that he is a busy guy who has a full schedule and she should accommodate it. This Sugar Daddy is looking for a particular kind of woman. She should be fun and passionate, but still have a mature attitude and a classy way about her so that she can accompany him to the appropriate functions. Some Sugar Daddies of this type might just be looking for some arm candy or someone who can hop on a plane with them to a business trip.

Age and marital status are two factors that can make or break a Sugar Baby’s decision. Here is a little bit of useful information of the different categories of Sugar Daddies when it comes to their age and relationship status.

The Older Sugar Daddy

This one is a classic! This is what most people think of when they think of a Sugar Daddy. The first picture that comes to mind is that of a self-made man who is much older and is looking for a pretty young thing to put a new bounce in his step. He is a matured man who’s financially stable, smart, and experienced. What more could a woman ask for? He prefers to not be nagged and is always on time, so setting a schedule you can adhere to is of utmost importance.

He’s spent his life building an empire and now he’s ready to just relax and enjoy it. Why not do that with a pretty Sugar Baby on his arm? There is a chance he could be a divorcee or widower and who knows, he might even have kids or grandkids. Some are just looking for a little fun while some are looking for a committed companion they can share their life with. Luckily, they are always very clear about what their intentions and expectations are.

The Married Sugar Daddy

Cheating is a huge no-no in the dating world. So what is a Married Sugar Daddy to do? This particular type is looking for something that is discreet and private, which means he goes out of his way to make sure there isn’t a paper trail of your relationship with him. He prefers to not be asked too many questions and you shouldn’t expect too much from him. He’ll want to be in control of where the relationship goes at all times.

You should know he most likely has no intention of ending the marriage to his wife. He loves her, but he’s simply looking for an escape from the boring everyday routine. He has an adventurous fantasy of a younger woman he wants fulfilled, but he still wants to be able to go home to his family life. Because of this, you’ll probably never be invited to his home or around any members of his family.

The Ready-to-Wed Sugar Daddy

This particular type is a serious one. He’s not looking for someone to have fun with, he’s looking for wife material. He’ll get out there and play the field a little in order to find the perfect one! But once he does, he’ll do absolutely everything in his power to make sure you’re happy. This type is almost always a hopeless romantic and he’s wanting to invest his time and money into the right person for him. A relationship with him is special and should be taken seriously.

The Sugar Daddy Who Won’t Commit

This kind of guy is looking for fun and only fun. He’s clearly set in his ways and the last thing he wants to do is be tied down by a woman, even though you might try to convince him you’re different. He’d really rather just spend his time and money on you without actually having to commit to you seriously. He’s more interested in romantic dinners and exotic getaways, not so much a deep connection. Eventually once he gets bored, he will move on to someone new and more exciting.

The First-Time Sugar Daddy

From what you’ve read, it may sound like all Sugar Daddies are smooth and know how to play the field. But what about the newbies that are still testing out the waters? These newtimers haven’t really figured out what their standards are yet and because of this, he may come off as though he is indecisive or hesitant. But don’t worry, this is only temporary. He just needs some time to find his balance. On the plus side, he’ll be more open to try new things so that you can help him figure out what he does and doesn’t want from a Sugar Baby.

Now you have a better understanding of what types of Sugar Daddies to look out for. Perhaps you came across a description of exactly what you’re looking for. Congrats! Now it’s time to get out there and start looking for that perfect Sugar Daddy for you!