The Difference Between Sugar Baby and Prostitute

The Difference Between a Sugar Baby and Prostitute,Sugar Babies are not prostitutes It never hurts to have a little review of what exactly the definitions of Sugar are . There are several people out there who are quick to judge and claim that the sugar lifestyle is the same as prostitution, when they are actually quite different.

The two are actually not alike at all, but sometimes to those who don’t understand the sugar lifestyle, the line can be hard to distinguish. That’s why we want to explain in more detail why they are different. So here are four reasons why the sugar lifestyle is NOT prostitution:

The Relationship is Different

With a prostitute and client, they have nothing more than a transactional relationship. They meet, the prostitute provides a physical service, money is exchanged, and that’s the end of that. This normally only happens once and is just a job, not a relationship. Which brings us to the key difference between the two.

Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies aren’t just a one-time deal. It’s not a transaction that’s being made. It isn’t a service. It is an ongoing relationship where the possibilities of romance and deep connection are very real. These things are unlikely to happen with an escort or prostitute. It is a job for a prostitute, not a romantic connection between two people. They don’t have a connection with you and there is certainly no romantic feelings.

The relationship between a Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy is unique and although it doesn’t follow the traditional rules of dating, that doesn’t mean it’s not a valid relationship or illegal in any way. It is special in its own way and beautiful in the sense that a strong connection can be formed between two people who share similar goals, wants, and needs.

The Lifestyle isn’t the Same

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. It is a job that is performed and normally an escort isn’t very selective on who he or she takes on as a client. You’re also taking a lot of risks with prostitution. You’re opening yourself up to the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases, theft, abuse, and all sorts of other crime! Physical and emotional abuse isn’t uncommon in this world, especially if you’ve gotten yourself tied up with a pimp.

When you’re living as a Sugar Baby, all of that isn’t even in the realm of possibilities. In this lifestyle, you have a choice of who you’re with. You’re not just a worker and a client, you’re partners. Sex isn’t required of the Sugar Baby, it’s only an aspiration. A Sugar Daddy will be respectful of what you want and need. There won’t be any abuse involved and the possibility of crime doesn’t exist. You have the respect of your Sugar Daddy and fear shouldn’t be a factor in the relationship.

The goal is to trust each other completely and in a prostitutional relationship, there can be no trust. Who would want to be in a Sugar relationship if you’re constantly afraid of your Sugar Daddy? No one, of course!

Dating a Sugar Baby is Different

In the sugar World, you’re respected and appreciated. Both the sugar daddy and sugar baby value each other’s time. A prostitute may receive money in order to perform a physical service and this is where some confusion comes in. Sugar Babies aren’t paid for a service. The funds they receive are a bonus for dating a Sugar Daddy. These men are wanting their Sugar Baby to stay around, whereas a prostitute is asked to leave after the deed is done. A Sugar relationship is most often monogamous and there is no “client” involved.

These relationships often evolve into long-term and very serious relationships, whereas a prostitute and client may never even exchange names or see each other again once the service has been provided. Over time in a Sugar relationship, you’ll learn each other’s likes and dislikes, wants and needs, dreams and aspirations. Just as any other relationship, you’ll want what’s best for your partner. Money does play a role in the relationship, but it is not by any means a transaction.

Quality vs. Quantity

Prostitutes often use this lifestyle as a source of income. It can often be the last option for women who are hard pressed for cash and just need to get by for the time being. They’re not looking for someone to mentor or guide them. They simply need the money and will do what they need to do in order to get enough.

Sugar Babies’ lives don’t revolve around the sugar world all the time. There is so much more to them than that! They lead lives of their own and can be anything: teachers, students, artists, business professionals, anything they want to be really. Most are looking for someone who can aid them in advancing their career and moving forward in their life. They’re not just looking for a temporary fix for their situation.

This makes it easier for a Sugar Baby to be more present in a Sugar Daddy’s life. They have long-term goals for their careers and professional lives. Prostitutes, on the other hand, only have a short-term goal of receiving the money for a job well done.

Prostitutes aren’t there to cater to your emotional needs and don’t want to get involved in your personal life. They are there to satisfy your physical needs and pretend to be whoever you would like them to be for the evening. They will say whatever you want to hear, as long as they get the money in the end. All in all, you’re just a job to her, not a man with wants and needs.

Prostitution and the Sugar lifestyle are often thought to be the same thing when they’re actually very different in nature. Sugar relationships are much more intimate and deep and a strong bond can be forged from it. It isn’t just a one night encounter! These relationships can often last a lifetime if you find that one perfect Sugar Baby or Daddy.