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about us Hello and welcome! This site is run by several sugar babies all at different stages in our lives. We befriended one another and decided we should create a resource for aspiring Sugar Babies who are just starting out. We’ve tried to create a site with all the advice and tips we wish we’d had when we got started.

Take it from us, starting off as a Sugar Baby is complicated and unlike anything else. It has complications unlike any other kind of dating, but also bring joys unlike any other. We want to help make it easier and give Sugar Babies a community of like-minded people.

If you are a young woman trying to find reviews of the top Sugar dating websites so you can choose which one to use, you are in the right place. Our honest reviews are sure to help you select the perfect website for your Sugar Baby profile.

We also share our tips and tricks about everything from getting your first Sugar Daddy to negotiating finances. We have advice for your safety, a guide to creating your online profile, and more.

What criteria do we use to rank Sugar dating sites?

User Base

This includes both the number of users and their quality. The more options you have, the more likely you are to find someone who is a good pick. We use data tools to make sure we’re basing our understanding on the proper numbers.

Special Features

The average Sugar dating website will have a search function, a browse option, and a way to message potential matches.. Special features are anything that goes above and beyond these basics. A mobile app. Verification of income for Sugar Daddies. Photo galleries. Some sites even have Millionaire Certification.

Customer Care and Ease of Use

Some dating sites have live chat with tech support while others can only be reached by email, or in the worst cases can’t be reached at all. It’s also important to ask, “Will my membership be refunded if I change my mind?” We value quality customer care and ease of use.

Tried and True

We have done our research. We pay attention to the feedback of people who have actually used each site. Negative reviews from users will definitely harm the way we rank a site.

Best of all, we keep our reviews up to date with the latest information. If the situation or website changes, so will our rankings!